Youth leader murdered in Mogadishu, killers are at large

Mogadishu, June 01, 2018 – A youth leader of one of Mogadishu’s districts, Warta Nabadda, Abdiwali Ahmed Mohamed, was assassinated last night in Mogadishu by armed men.

Several men armed with pistols have opened fire on the victim who died instantly on the spot shortly after he came out of Abdalla and Awarerah Mosque where he had performed his evening prayer.

The murders decamped from the scene of the crime. Somali security forces came and sealed the murder scene for investigation while the criminals are still at large.

The motive of the killing is not still known and no group has so far claimed responsibility for the attack.

The commissioner of Wardhigley district Saynab Habsey pledged that the killers would be soon apprehended to bring them to justice.

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