Ugandan and Somali soldiers commit killings and mass rapes in south Somalia

Qoryoley, August 8, 2018 (Hornnews24) – It is reported that Ugandan peacekeeping troops and Somali soldiers have killed several people and committed sexual violence and mass rapes against Somali women on Tuesday at Gaywarow village in the Lower Shabelleh region, South Somalia.

According to local people, 4 Ugandan soldiers raped a pregnant woman inflicting on her body injuries.  The foreign forces and the Somali soldiers have also reportedly killed several people in the village.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the Ugandan soldiers also raped a bedridden old woman and a nine year old girl who was there to take care of her old grandmother.

A resident said that some of the raped women were in critical conditions. Reports also indicate that Ugandan and Somali troops have looted shops and ransacked houses.

One of the village’s community leaders who spoke on condition of anonymity told reporters that raped victims would be taken to Mogadishu hospitals to undergo medical test and make sure that they were not infected with HIV during the rape because he believed that at least some of the Ugandan soldiers who had committed the rape were HIV-positive.

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