Somalia’s Alshabaab overruns military base and kills 27 soldiers

Kismaio, July 23, 2018 (Hornnews24) – Somalia’s Al-Qaida-linked Alshabaab fighters have attacked a military base near Somalias southern port city of Kismaio early on Monday killing at least 27 Somali soldiers and wounding scores of others.

Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack and said that 27 Somali soldiers had been killed in the assault.  The fighters also said that they had seized assorted weapons, ammunitions and military trucks, a claim that could not be verified.

According to residents, blasts and exchange of gunfire broke out at dawn before Alshabaab has overrun the base which is jointly operated by the Somali national army and semi-autonomous Jubbaland state of southern Somalia. 

The residents also confirmed that they had seen bodies of soldiers left behind lying on the ground as the government soldiers were routed in disarray.

Neither the Somali government nor the Jubba Land regional state has commented on the offensive which claimed dozens of lives.

The Somali Islamist Al-Shabaab movement (Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen) has been waging deadly attacks against the Western-backed government of Somalia in a bid to impose Islamic Sharia law across the anarchic Horn of Africa nation.

The Islamists are still strong and capable of carrying out attacks on government bases, despite the presence of thousands of African peacekeepers, European troops and soldiers from the ill-equipped and under-funded Somali army.

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