Somalia’s Al Shabaab fighters seize villages in neighbouring Kenya

Nairobi, December 4, 2019 (hornnews24) – According to initial reports, heavily armed of Somalia’s Alshabaab have taken control of villages and settlements affiliated to Kenya’s Garisa County without much resistance on Wednesday.

The scores of of the Al-Qaida-linked group’s fighters have launched an onslaught on the Dhi’iseh village in Kenya from various directions securing the full control of the area, residents reported.

The group’s spokesman has stated that their fighters dislodged Kenyan security men and routed them in disarray but mentioned no casualties.

According to Alshabaab sources, their fighters have seized varied military equipment after defeating the Kenyan soldiers without giving further details.

Residents say that they have seen today Alshabaab fighters wielding weapons and combing through the streets of the villages they seized.  No sign of Kenyan security men was reported.

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