Somalia: The governor of Galmudug state silences radio station

Dhusamareb, February 24, 2020 (Hornnews24) – The governor of the Galmudug regional state in central Somalia, Ahmed Abdi Karieh Qorqor has forced a prominent private radio station, Radio Galmudug, off the air since Saturday over calling him “the Galmudug state governor backed by the central government”, according to news reports and local journalists.

The state has three opposing governors, each claiming to be the legitimate governor of Galmudug State. One of them Mr. Qorqor who is backed by the Somali central government; another is Sheik Shakir, who is from Ahlusuna Wajama, a religious moderate paramilitary group and the third is Ahmed Dualleh Haf,  the outgoing governor of Galmudug state who believes that his tenure of office has not ended.

The governor, backed by Mogadishu, Mr. Qoroqor,  has sent government troops to the Galmudug radio station in Dhusamareb town.  The soldiers, acting on directives of the governor,  ordered the journalists there to silence the radio until further notice and leave the building without giving reasons.

“The only private radio in Galmudug State provided a vital service for the region’s people and must be allowed back on air”, says Abdi Ali Omar, a resident of Dhusamareb town.

Somali Government and the regional member states have zero-tolerance towards unwelcome news of independent media. Scores of journalists have killed in Somalia since the ouster of late President Siad Barreh in 1991.



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