Somalia: Tension Between Galmudug State And Mogadishu Moves Up A Notch

Mogadishu, June 22, 2019 ( – Tension between the Somali federal government and the Galmudug Regional State has moved up a notch after Galmudug issued orders barring the leaders, officials and workers of the central government from entering into the state’s territorial land.

A press statement issued on Friday by Galmudug State Presidency has ordered airlines not to bring officials of the central government in Galmudug’s territory, a move which implies that all the leaders of the central government are barred from entering or coming into Galmudug State.  

Galmudug has attributed the killing of innocent civilians slain in Galkaio town recently to the security forces of the central government.

The state highlighted that the massacre was aimed to smear the name of Galmudug Regional State and appealed Mogadishu to hold its security forces accountable for the killing.

Member states have previously accused Mogadishu of meddling in their internal affairs and undertaking hostile policies detrimental to the interests of the states.

The five member states believe that Somalia’s government has failed to fulfil its promises including restoring peace in the country, creating jobs and the fair distribution of the country’s resources and the foreign aid as well.

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