Somalia says it waits for Kenya’s fury to abate

June 14, 2019 (Hornnews24) – Somalia has spoken at length on Friday the maritime dispute between Somalia and Kenya after the two countries failed to reach an amicable solution over ownership of the 162,579 sq km triangle of disputed maritime territory in the Indian Ocean.

Somalia’s Education minister, Abdullahi Godah Barreh, told reporters on Friday that Kenya goofed and put its foot in it with Somalia.  He has underlined that Kenya had always a very slapdash approach to reaching everlasting solution on the concerned issues.

The minister emphasized that Somalia’s stance on the dispute was “silence and respect”, adding that Somalia will wait for Kenya’s fury to finally abate. The minister believes that no country can slice away a chunk of any other country be it on land or sea.

The dispute is threatening to undermine relations between the nations that have forged an alliance in recent years to fight against the powerful Al-Qaida-linked group known as al-Shabaab.

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