Somalia: Puntland President appoints cabinet members

Garowe, 24th August 2019, (hornnews24) – The president of Somalia’s semi-autonomous state of Puntland, Saeed Abdullahi Deni, has last night appointed new cabinet members for his government.

Following is the full list of the ministers, vice minister and the stateministers nameb by the president.


  1. Awil Sheikh Hamud, Defence minister
  2. Mohamad Abdirahman Dhaban’ad, Interior Minister
  3. Abdisamad Gallan, Security Minister
  4. Hassan Shireh Abgal, Finance minister
  5. Abdikafar Elmi Hangeh, planning, development and telecommunication Minster
  6. Abdullahi Mohamad Hassan, Education minister
  7. Dr. Jam Farah Hassan, Health minister
  8. Ahmad Bashir Musa, minister of public works, transport and Housing
  9. Mohamad Abdi Osman, minister of Ports and marines
  10. Hussein Osman Lugatoor, minister for civil aviation and airports
  11. Amina Osman Haji Jama, minister for women and family affairs
  12. Ali Hasan Ahmad, Minister for Information and tourism
  13. Saeed Osman Aaden, minister for livestock and animal husbandry
  14. Ismail Diriye Ga’amadid, Minister for Environment and Agriculture.
  15. Abdullahi Abdi Hirsi, Minister for Trade.
  16. Farah Mohamed Awash, Minister for Fisheries
  17. Jam’a Farah Muse, minister for Labour, youth and sports
  18. Ahmed Mohamed Yussuf, Minister for Energy, mineral and water resources

Vice ministers

  1. Mohamed Ali Farah, Vice Minister for Justice.
  2. Abdiweli Mire Hirsi, Vice Interior Minister.
  3. Yussuf Mohamed Ismail, Vice Minister for Security.
  4. Omar Hassan Fiqi, Deputy Minister for Finance.
  5. Yasin Mire Mohamud, Deputy Minister for Planning.
  6. Mukhtar Mohamud Hassan, Deputy Minister for Education.
  7. Abdinasir Yussuf Haji, Deputy Minister for Health.
  8. Mohamed Hussein Hashi, Deputy Minister for Public works.
  9. Yasin Artan Mohamed, Deputy Minister for Ports.
  1. Suad Salah Nur, Deputy Minister for Civil Aviation.
  2. Sahro Abdi Hirsi, Deputy Minister for Women Affairs.
  3. Abdisalam Haji Saed, Deputy Minister for Information.
  4. Abdiweli Saed Ali, Deputy Minister for Livestock.
  5. Mohamed Hassan Hussein, Deputy Minister for Agriculture.
  6. Mustafa Dahir Adan, Minister for Trade.
  7. Abdirisack Mohamed Mohamud, Deputy Minister for Fisheries.
  8. Ahmed Abdirahman Hirsi, Deputy Minister for Labour, youth and sports
  9. Mohamed Bashir Abdullahi, Deputy Minister for Energy, mineral and water resources.

State ministers

  1. Salah Habib Jama, State minister for the presidency.
  2.  Mohamed Ahmed Kunle, State Minister for Federalism and Democracy.
  1. Mohamed Abdikadir, Osman, State Minister for Finance.
  2. Abdirahman Eidid, Ibrahim, State Minister for Planning, economic development and international relations
  3. Abdullahi Hassan Roble, State Minister for Education
  4. Sayid Omar Guleid, State Minister for Health
  5. Mohamed Hassan Kili, State Minister for Civil Aviation and airports
  6. Abdi Rashid Ali Gelle, State Minister for environment and Agriculture

9- Abdiqani Gelleh Mohamad, minister for fisheries and marine resources


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