Somalia: Puntalnd’s parliament speaker removed in no confidence vote

Garoweh, November 7, 2019 (Hornnews24) – The speaker of Parliament of Somalia’s Puntland State was ousted on Thursday in a motion of no confidence that received the support of 49 members out of 53.

Abdi Hakim Dhobo has been at loggerheads with the State’s president Deni and the political stalement has led to clashes between the two sides which claimed several lives in the state’s administrative capital Garoweh.

The ousted speaker Dhobo has the described the vote of no confidence which toppled him as irresponsible and ill-intentioned. He accused the president’s sub-clan of striving to hold the whip hand over other clans.

According to the constitution, Puntland, the tiny semi-autonomous region in eastern Somalia, will have to pick up a new parliament speaker within 14 days.

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