Somalia: UN Aid worker gunned down in Galkaio

Galkaio, June 01, 2019 (Hornafrik24) – gunmen have shot dead last night a prominent medical doctor in Galkaio town of the Mudug region, in Somalia.

The victim who was identified as Mohamed Abdi Khayreh (Vimto) was waylaid and shot mutiple times as he came out of a mosque and he died at the scene.

Mohamed Abdi Khayreh who was working for the United nations was a well-known doctor at the area. The motive of the murder remains unclear and the unidentified killers are still at large. 

A resident says: “It is understood that the man was returning home from the mosque when he was accosted by unknown suspects who shot him and fled.”

Galmudug security forces were in the vicinity but they have not acted accordingly. Civilians are routinely killed by gun men while the killers are always on the loose.

According to witnesses the body of the deceased was left lying on the ground until his relatives came to collect his body. Galkaio is prevailed by violence, rape, murders and systematic killings.

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