Somalia: Prison Commissioner kills an inmate

Independent reports have revealed that the commissioner of the central prison in the Somali capital Mogadishu was behind the death of one of the prison’s inmates.

Prisoner, Hassan Kurtun Alasow, who was sick, was rushed into hospital after his health conditions were deteriorated but the head of the prison; General Hirsileh went to the hospital, threatened the doctors and returned the patient to his prison cell where he died within 24 hours.

The family members of the deceased have refused to bury their beloved until the Somali government takes appropriate measures against this heinous crime committed by what they called the irresponsible commissioner of the Central Prison.  

Speaking to reports, Geral Hirsileh stated that he acted according to the law claiming that a prisoner was not allowed to be treated outside the prison compound.

Mogadishu, Dec 18, 2019


Radio Dalsan reports on the incident in Somali

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