Somalia: Jubbaland regional state President survives after ambush

Kismaio, May 24, 2019 (Hornnews24) –  A military convoy escorting the president of Somalia’s Jubbaland regional state, Ahmed Modobe came under attack on Friday at the suburd of Kismaio town.

According to the local people, several people have been killed and many others have been wounded when Alshabaab fighters ambushed the convoy.

Jubbaland state leader has survived from the onslaught which prompted the trade of heavy weapons exchange between the two sides.  Jubbaland regional state has asserted that their forces repulsed an offensive waged by Alshabab.

Likewise the Alqaida-linked group, Alshabaab, has claimed responsibility of the attack. The group stated that its fighters have launched an attack on Ahmed Madobe’s convoy somewhere between Bulo Gadud and Bar Sanguni villages without providing further details.

The sounds of explosions of rocket-propelled grenades and heavy weaponry fires reverberated and echoed across the area on Friday.

Al Shabab’s attacks have been ramped up while the Somali government and the regional member states remain being at loggerheads.

The AlQaeda-linked group offers something real to local Somalis. Perhaps incredibly, the group provides more efficient and less corrupt governance than the Somali Federal Government in some areas.

Many Somalis prefer AlShabaab’s justice over the Somali courts even travelling from government-controlled areas to seek justice.

AlShabab courts deliver a verdict more reliable and faster than those of government courts.

This opportunity allows Alshabab to gain the backing of the local people and avoid U.S. air strikes.

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