Somalia: Islamists chuck government forces out of strategic town

Sept. 15, 2019 – Somali Islamic fighters known as Alshabab have seized Sunday the control of a strategic town in the Lower Shabelleh Region in south Somalia.

The Al-Qaida-linked group has waged the offensive from various directions and managed to thoroughly capture the town after government forces were booted out of the town without much resistance.

The casualties of the fighting are still unknown as both Alshabab and the Somali government have not so far commented on the attack.

Alshabaab fights for flushing foreign forces out of Somalia and pave the way for ousting the Somali government to impose the Islamic Sharia law on the country.

The group has speeded up its attacks and ambushes against the Somali government soldiers and foreign forces.

The Somali government and the African Mission forces have been exerting all humanly possible efforts to defeat the Islamists with the support of international community and US air strikes but still in vain.

Somalia has been in a state of chaos and lawlessness since the early 1990s, when Dictator Mohammad Siad Barreh was toppled by clan-based warlords.

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