Somalia: Hirshabelleh state elects new president

Jowhar, November 11, 2020 (hornnews24) – Somalia’s Hirshabelleh State Parliament has elected president and vice president of the State on Wednesday in Jowhar town of the middle Shabelleh province.

Ali Abdullahi Husein known as Ali Gudlaweh, has won the first round of the presidential poll, obtaining 86 votes out of the 99 members of Parliament who were present in the session. Mr. Gudlaweh defeated Abdirahman Jimaleh Osman who received only thirteen votes.

Hirshabelleh’s Speaker of Parliament Abdikarim Luqman Haji announced the results of the election crowning Mr. Gudlaweh for the presidency of the state for the next four years.

Parts of Hirshabelleh state are dominated by Alqaida-linked powerful Islamic fighters who carried out continuous attacks in the province.

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