Somalia: Galmudug state further splits after failed conspiracy

Dhusamareb, June 24 (Hornnews24) – A new political row between leaders of Somalia’s Galmudug regional state has persuaded the state’s president to sneak out of his presidential palace on Sunday afternoon.

The president of Galmudug State, Ahmed Dualleh Gheleh Haf, has deserted his residence in Dhusamareb town after further split of his beleaguered state.   

Haf has fallen out with his chief minister Sheikh Shakir who is also the leader of a religious group known as Ahlu Sunna, after the group received millions of US dollars from the central government, a secret deal aimed at ousting president Haf.

Privy to such conspiracy, president Haf has been escorted by dozens of vehicles mounted with heavy machine guns as he left Dhusamareb town heading to Adado town, the former Headquarters of the state.

Ahlu Sunna has tried to place President Haf under house arrest but in vain.  Scores of battle wagons loyal to the president have sneaked into Dhusamareb town to save the president from any sort of danger.

Ahlusunna group merged with Galmudug State in 2017 after the leadership of the two sides signed a deal mediated by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).

The agreement also encompassed the merging of parliament, the harmonization of the constitution and the formation of an inclusive cabinet for Galmudug State as well as the integration of ASWJ forces. Apparently such a merger has again ended.

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