Somalia: Galmudug state appoints a new president

Dhusamareb (Hornnews24) – Ahlusuna Wajama’a one of the opposing factions of Galmudug Regional State in Somalia has unilaterally announced the appointment of a new president of Galmudug State on Wednesday.

The group has appointed Sheikh Shakir as the president of Galmudug State saying that he had won his two contenders in the first round.

This would be bad news for Somalia’s central government which has been exerting efforts to nominate its own puppet to lead Galmudug state. It is likely that the Somali government will never recognize the appointment of Sheikh Shakir.  A war between Ahlusuna and the Somali government is inevitable.

The outgoing president of Galmudug state, Haf, has declared the plans of both the Somali government and Ahlusuna faction on Galmudug electoral procedures as null and void.  President Haf emphasized that he and his supporters would elect his successor in the coming weeks.

January 30, 2020

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