Somalia: Galmdug Regional State Commits Massacre In Galkaio Town

Galkaio, June 15 (Hornnews24) – More than 10 civilians including women and children from Rahanwayn ethnic community (from south west regional state) were rounded up by the police of Galmudug Regional State last night and killed while in custody.

Galmudug Regional Administration has recently launched an operation targeting individuals of Rahanwayn ethnic communities living in the region what some people described a political discord between Galmdug state and South-west state in Somalia. 

The political rancour between the two regional states has prompted the killing of the cold-blooded civilians by Galmudug Sate last night.  The core of contention between the two sides still remains unclear. Other four civilians from South-West state were likewise slain in Dhusamareb town by Galmudug security forces two days ago.

Somalia’s former President Hassan Sheikh has condemned the killing describing it as cowardly and inhuman. Mogadishu has also denounced the killing of the 10 civilians in Galkaio on Saturday.

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