Somalia: Fighting between Islamic fighters and government erupts

Bal’ad, November 24 (Hornnews24) – At least 7 government soldiers have been killed and others have been wounded in fierce clashes between Alshabaab Islamic fighters and government soldiers on Saturday at Gololey and Qamimow villages in the Midddle Shabelleh region.

The fighting erupted when heavily armed Alshabaab fighters ambushed a convoy of government soldiers destroying at least two military vehicles and either killing or wounding the occupants of the affected vehicles.

Residents of the area have confirmed that they witnessed two burning military vehicles.  According to initial reports the Al-Qaida-linked group has routed the government soldiers in disarray and brought the area under their control.   Somali government has not so far commented on the fighting.

Al Shabaab fighters still control large swathes of south and central Somalia. The group wants to drive out the foreign peacekeepers, topple Somalia’s western-backed government to enable to impose Islamic Sharia law on the country.

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