Somalia: Explosions rock Mogadishu, deaths reported

Mogadishu, June 15 (Hornnews24) – Deadly bomb blasts in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, on Saturday have claimed at least 20 lives and wounded dozens of others, according to local media reports.

The first attack occurred near Somalia’s heavily guarded presidential palace when a car laden with explosive rammed a check point killing several soldiers and officials, among them presidential guards.

Another huge blast accompanied by gunfire took place at KM4 junction killing several people.  The second explosion was also carried out a car packed with explosives.

The sound of the explosions reverberated across the Somali capital Mogadishu on Saturday followed by gunfire.  Plumes of black smoke can be seen filling the sky. Vehicles were tossed into the air by the blasts, which also damaged buildings.

Al-Qaida-linked group, known as Alshabaab, has claimed responsibility for both attacks according to Radio Andulus.

The powerful Islamic group fights for dislodging foreign forces to oust the weak Somalia government and impose the Islamic Sharia law on the country.

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