Somalia detains 14 security officers on charges for collaborating with Alshabaab

Mogadishu, July 9, 2018 (Hornnews24) – Somali government has today arrested at least 14 security and police officers in the Somali capital Mogadishu for the crime of collaborating with Al-Qaida-linked Alshabaab fighters.

Most of the arrested officers are those who were responsible for manning the checkpoints leading to the ministries of security and internal affairs which were destroyed yesterday by Alshabaab car bomb attacks. 

More than 15 people were killed and scores of others were wounded by the Alshabaab twin car bomb blasts which targetted the two ministries.

According to the spokesman for the interior ministry, Abdiaziz Hildhiban, Somali government believes that Alshabaab fighters received a helping hand from the security officers who allegedly facilitated for Alshabaab to attack heavily guarded government facilities.

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