Somalia: Alshabab destroys AMISOM armoured vehicle killing, all occupants killed

Mogadishu, May 30, 2019 (Hornnews24) – Al-Kaida-linked fighters in Somalia have annihilated a combat vehicle of the African Union Mission in Somalia known as AMISOM on Wednesday in the the Somali capital Mogadishu, eyewitness said.

Almost 10 African Union soldiers have been killed in the attack which occurred at Ex-control Balad neighbourhood in Mogadishu.  A huge blast has torn apart a military vehicle killing all its occupants.  Alshabaab’s landmine explosions hit numerous times convoys of African Union force in Somalia.

Al-Qaida-linked fighters have confirmed that they blew apart at least one armoured vehicle of AMISOM without giving further details.  The group has ramped up its attacks on both the Somali government soldiers and the foreign forces.

Alshabab fights for flushing out foreign forces to unseat the Somali and government and impose Islamic Sharia law on the country.

The group’s civil administration carries out a variety of governance activities, including the running of sharia courts, holding meetings with clan leaders and providing aid collected as religiously mandated charity (zakat).

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