Somalia: Alshabaab fighters eject government soldiers from Balad town

Balad, August 8, 2020 (hornnews24) – Clashes between Somali National Army and Islamic fighters in Balad town, bout 30 KM north of Mogadishu have left several soldiers dead.

The Islamic fighters have on Tuesday seized the full control of a strategic town, Balad, in the Middle Shabelleh Region, South Somalia, after chucking government soldiers out of the town.

The Al-Qaida-affiliated group has launched an attack on the town from various directions at dawn booting the Somali National Army out of the town without much resistance.

Scores of heavily armed fighters have dislodged the Somali government troops, seized the control of the town and have begun house to house search in the town.

According to independent sources, several government soldiers have been killed and dozens were wounded.    Likewise Alshabaab fighters released scores of prisoners from the town’s prison.  A government official has claimed that Alshabaab’s attack was repulsed without giving details.  

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