Somalia: islamic court executes man for raping his daughter 2 times

Sakow, July 27 (Hornnews24) – A middle aged man, Ibrahim Moalin Abdullahi has been sentenced to death on Saturday by Alshabaab’s Islamic court in Sakow town, in Somalia’s Middle Jubba Province, for raping his own daughter two times and for practicing magic and sorcery.

The convicted man, Ibrahim Moalin Abdullahi, 51, pleaded guilty. He confessed to the rape and to practicing witchcraft.  Alshabaab sources said the arrest came after the group received several complaints about the illicit activity of the man and put him under surveillance.

The incident has left residents in shock and the man has been publicly executed by masked fighters from Alshabaab using bullets, while hundreds of people gathered to watch the execution.

Alshabaab has established an effective state within a state. They collect taxes in all major towns and operate justice system.  Many Somali citizens even in the capital Mogadishu go to Alshabaab Islamic courts in some Kilometres away. The group has imposed Islamic Sharia law on all the areas it controls.

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