Somalia: Al-Shabab Mortar Attacks kills 6 persons including 2 foreigners in Mogadishu

Mogadishu, October 14, 2019  (Hornnews24) – Alqaida-linked group in Somalia known as Alshabaab has attacked on Sunday the UN-compound in the Somali capital Mogadishu killing at least 6 people including two foreigners and wounding dozens of others.

According to the latest reporters, the mayhem in the heavily-guarded compound known as Halanneh, which houses the offices of the UN, African Union, foreign embassies and aid agencies, intensified when at least 9 rounds of mortar shells landed inside it.

Alshabaab has immediately claimed responsibility for the attack saying that its forces killed at least 6 people among them two foreign nationals without further details.

Alshabaab has many times targeted the most heavily guarded facilities in Mogadishu namely the UN compound and the presidential palace.

This attack comes a day before October 14, the second anniversary when a truck bomb killed almost 600 people in the Somali capital. Alshabaab denied the responsibility for that attack.

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