Somalia: Al-Shabaab executes ten men for espionage to annihilate spy ring

Jubba Provinces, July 5, 2019 (Hornnews24) – Somalia’s Al-Qaida-linked Al-shabaab has killed five men on Wednesday for spionage. The group has also killed another five men on Thursday in a public execution in South Somalia after being convicted by Islamic court. All of the men were found guilty of spying for Somali and foreign intelligence.

The Islamic fighters confirmed that they had destroyed a spy ring. The five men who were executed on Thursday at Salagleh district in the middle Jubba region were identified as:

  1. Mohamud Bashir Hilowleh, 22, was allegedly spying for the United States.
  2. Abdikarim Husein Abdinur, 23, was allegedly spying for Jubbaland regional state
  3. Abdikarim Ahmed Yusuf, 26, was allegedly spying for the United States.
  4. Isak Abdullahi Hasanow, 29, was allegedly spying for the South west regional state
  5. Idris Yusuf Dhallin, 37, was allegedly spying for the Somali federal government.

Likewise the other five men were executed on Wednesday at Hagar settlement in the Lower Jubba Region. These men were also identified as:

  1. Osman Abdulle Abdullahi, 59, was accused of spying for the Somali government.
  2. Abdikarim Mumin Ahed, 48, was allegedly spying for the Somali government.
  3. Hassan Barreh Isak, 35, was spying for the Kenyan government.
  4. Omar Hassan Ahmed, 33, was spying for CIA (USA)
  5. Ahmed Abdullahi Warsameh, 24, was spying for CIA.

According to Alshabaab sources, the task of the spy ring including to guide air strikes and facilitate killing Alshabaab officials by planting tracking devices on Alshabaab vehicles, collecting information about the group’s movements for the Somali authorities and foreign intelligence.  The local spies have facilitated the killing of many Al-shabaab members and officials in the past years.

All the men pleaded guilty and were executed in a firing squad.  Alshabaab has killed recently scores of men accused of spying for the United States and for helping guide drones to carry out strikes in Alshabaab controlled areas. All the ten men were tied to poles and shot by a firing squad shortly after a judge sentenced them to death.

The country has been torn apart by civil war since 1991, when clan warlords ousted late dictator Barreh. Since then chaos, violence and civil wars dominated the country.

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