Somalia: Al-Shabaab executes a man for homosexuality

Al-Shabab group in Somalia has announced on Saturday the public execution of a man who allegedly committed a crime of homosexuality in the lower Shabelleh province in South Somalia.

An Islamic court run by the Alqaida-linked group has sentenced the man to death for engaging in sexual conduct with another man.

The execution occurred in a public square in Don Buraleh village near Qoryoley District in Lower Shabelleh Region. The man has pleaded guilty in front of the judge.  Speaking at the site of the killings, the group’s judge called the sexual acts “immoral and reprehensible.”

Al-Shabab, al Qaeda’s East African affiliate, has been fighting for years to impose Islamic Sharia law in Somalia, a war torn country in Horn of Africa.

December 14, 2019

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