Somalia: Al-Shabaab claims killing 4 American officers and 16 Somali soldiers in an attack

Al-Qaida-linked Alshabaab Islamic fighters have claimed on Monday killing 4 American officers and 16 US-trained Somali soldiers in an attack on a military base in Jubbaland provincial state in Somalia.

According to reports scores of Alshabaab fighters have launched a sudden onslaught on a military base manned jointly manned by American and Somali joint forces at Janay Abdalleh settlement near Kimaio in Somalia prompting an exchange of fire which lasted several hours. The group confirmed killing 16 Somali soldiers, 4 American officers, and wound dozens of others.

A truck laden with explosives rammed into the base and exploded before the Islamic fighters stormed the heavily fortified military base, killing a number of American and Somali men. The attack sent a dark plume of smoke into the air.

Residents have confirmed seeing blazing several armored military vehicles destroyed by the huge explosion which targeted the base. Most of those killed were burned beyond recognition according to the news sources.

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