Somalia: 12 Government Soldiers Killed In Lower Shabelleh Region

12 government soldiers among them an army commander have been killed in a heavy fighting between government soldiers and Alshabaab Islamic fighters on Thursday night between Afgoyeh and Walanwayn towns of the Lower Shabelle province, south Somalia.

The fighting erupted when Al-Qaida-linked group known as Harakah Alshabaab Almujahedeen, ambushed a convoy of government soldiers. Several landmines struck armoured combat vehicles killing 12 soldiers.

In a fierce fighting, the two sides have traded rocket propelled grenades, artillery barrages and machine-gun fire. Alshabaab has confirmed killing 12 government soldiers but government officials could not be reached for comment.

The Al-Qaida-linked group has recently ramped up its attacks and ambushes against the Somali government army and the AMISOM troops.

The Islamic fighters fight for ousting Somalia’s government and expelling the foreign forces out of Somalia to impose on the war torn  country the full implementation of the Islamic Sharia.


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