Somali Regional state defies travel ban and airlifts politicians

Kismaio, October 6, 2019 ( – Jubbaland regional state in South Somalia has bought its own private jet for 2 million US dollars from South Sudan.

The Kenya-backed powerful state has then airlifted dignitaries and politicians to attend the innauguration ceremony of Jubbaland’s newly elected President Ahmed Madobe in apparent defiance of Somali central government’s travel ban.

Central government has imposed a travel ban on the region and all Commercial airlines operating in Somalia have rejected to transport delegates and politicians to Jubbaland due to the unilateral travel ban.

Prominent personalities, dignitaries, politicians, legislators and community elders converge on Kismaio city for the innauguration ceremony of president Ahmed Madobeh.

Jubbaland’s defiance of the central government’s travel ban will be a major humilitating blow to the Somalia’s zombie government which is shodowed corruption, bad government and political chaos.

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