Somali refugee in Germany feels marginalized and alienated

Mansor Farah from Somalia who has been living in Germany for the last 10 years claims that he cannot still move freely or cannot feel free in that country. “I feel marginalized,” says the 23-year-old man.

During the 10 years in Germany, he learned German, graduated from high school, successfully completed his training in the summer of 2019 and has since been working as a systems engineer. 

“People who are integrated here should be supported,” he says. Although he calls Kiel, Germany, his home, he feels alienated in his new home. Farah wants to become German – or at least get a permanent settlement permit and a passport for foreigners so he can move freely. So far, the immigration authority in Kiel, Germany,  rejects his applications, although he meets the requirements.

German Authorities cannot recognize Farah’s Somali identity

Mansor Farah comes from Somalia where people have been living therte in poverty and fear for more than 30 years. The civil war broke out in 1991, and since the fall of the regime in the same year, most of the country no longer has functioning state structures. 

Somali passports issued after 1991, including from Somali diplomatic missions such as the embassy in Berlin, are not recognized as valid documents by the German authorities. 

Farah was born in 1996. As a civil war refugee, he received subsidiary protection in Germany. However, his identity can not be proven by Farah. The authorities demanded this from him in order to be able to approve his applications.

He is not the only one with this problem. In addition to refugees from Somalia, Iraqis, Afghans and Kurds are also affected – their documents are also not recognized in Germany and thus they can not prove their identity.  German authorities cannot prove that Farah is from Somalia.

Farah has brought Somali passport from the Somali embassy but Germany does not recognize the passports and other documents issued by the Somali embassies abroad or by the Somali internationally recognized government.   

Dec. 04, 2019

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