Somali President sacks chief justice

Somali President Mohamed Abdullaahi Farmajo has today sacked the country’s controversial chief justice Ibrahim Idle Suleiman after tenure of two years and he appointed Baashe Yusuf Ahmed for that post.

In his presidential decree, President Farmajo, mentioned that he took that decision after considering complaints made by the public, Somali nationals and the judge services management and also after seeing the time was ripe for an effective judiciary reform in Somalia to ensure that each individual gets the necessary justice as he formerly pledged.

The new chief justice Baashe Yusuf Ahmed is a law expert and the judicial system allowed the President to nominate that top job but it might be subject to Parliament approval.

Basheh Yusuf Ahmed was born in Hargeisa, Somaliland in 1982. He served as director General of ministry of Labour of Somalilnad, and then he became the executive director of Somaliland’s Wadani Party.

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