Somali government names 83 legislators for Galmudug provincial state

The president of Galmudug Provincial state in central Somalia, Ahmed Dualleh Ghelleh Haf, has strongly condemned a list of legislators issued by the central government to represent his own administration instead of letting the people of the region select their lawmakers.

Mr. Haf said that such political gaffe would lead to bloodshed and chaos in the region and appealed to the Somali zombie government to shun immediately its flagrant interference into the state’s internal affairs.

He described the central government of Somalia as a non-starter in a fantasy world that deviated from society’s values and chose to follow the shambolic situation which is detrimental to the nation’s interests.

Intellectuals and politicians of Galmudug state have also said that Mogadishu would be held accountable for its political blunders as the time is ripe for that. They sent a clear message to the central government saying that war would be inevitable if Mogadishu does not shun its hostile activities against Galmudug state.

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