Puntland arrests four men who raped and murdered a child in Galkaio

Galkaio, February 28 (hornnews24) – Somalia’s Puntland regional state has arrested four men who raped and killed a 12-old girl in the Mudug regional capital, Galkaio.

Unlike the Islamic teaching, if found guilty these men are likely not to face any imprisonment in the region as the traditional system of justice which used in rape and murder cases allows perpetrators to escape jail by paying compensation.

At least 7 men, mostly married men, have kidnapped, raped and strangled to death an innocent 12-old girl. Only four of them have been arrested and three are still at large. The brutal gang-rape has shocked the residents of the town which are now keeping their daughters in doors.

This is an abhorrent crime that is forbidden in all religions and in the minds of all wise people and those who are possessed of sound human nature. It is unfortunate that gang-rapes are skyrocketing in Somalia, a predominantly Muslim society. There are roaring rates of murder, rapes and violence.

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