Somalia: Puntland lashes out at central government’s egoism and hostile behaviour

Garoweh, July 22 (Hornnews24) – Puntland regional state has has strongly criticized on Sunday what it called “the selfishness, egoism and hostile behaviour of Somalia’s central government towards the regional member states.

A press statement issued the Puntland’s presidency has cencured Mogadishu for flagrant interference into the internal affairs of Somalia’s regional states.

The statement underlined that the leadership of Somalia’s central government had diverted foreign aid for their personal use and for using it as weapon against the regional member states.

The statement warned Mogadishu against its irresponsíble acts which it said was detrimental to the cohesion of the Somali people and could lead the country to slip into chaos and anarchy.

The weak zombie governernment of Somalia, which relies economically and militarily on foreign aid and might, has even failed to ensure peace and order in the capital of the country let alone in any where else.

This indicates that there is not city or town in Somalia which is fully controlled by the central government.

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