Premier Abiy Ahmed orders Abdi Ilay to step down

July 10. 2018 (Hornnews24) – Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has ordered the notorious leader of the Somali regional state Abdi Mohamed Omar (Abdi Iley) to resign as soon as possible.

Abdi Iley owns substantial amounts of businesses in Gulf countries by the names of his close relatives. He also bought two villas in the United Sates and in the United Kingdom as well.

This follows when Liyu police forces formed by Abdi Iley to quell rebels have committed killings, rape and violence against people in the Somali region carrying also attacks on other communities. It is widely believed that Abdi Iley will never accept to step down.

5 Somalis killed in Ethiopia

Another report indicates that Oromo fighters have rounded up Somali men and slaughtered five of them in Ethiopia in retaliation of attacks carried out by Somali Liyu Police on Oromo civilians.

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