More than 100 Puntland soldiers surrender to Somaliland

May 25, 2018 (HN24) – According to the defence Ministry of the break away republic of Somaliland more than 110 Puntland soldiers have on Friday surrendered to Somaliland, handing over their weapons.

The commander of the surrendered soldiers and officers Col. Abdi Salam Yusuf Sagaleh told reporters that they had decided to join Somaliland saying that they had come to the conclusion that an armed struggle among brotherly people was meaningless.

At least 15 people have died in recent clashes between Puntland and Somaliland at the Tukaraq settlement of Sool region while each side accused the other of starting the fighting.

Somaliland has been a self-governing region of Somalia for more than two decades, but its claim of independence is not recognized by Mogadishu or any foreign government. 

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