Somalia: Meeting by Council of Interstate Cooperation opens in Kismayo

Kismaio, September 3, 2018 (hornnews24) – A meeting which brought together the presidents of Somalia’s regional states has opened on Monday in the regional capital of Jubbaland State, port town Kismiao.

The Chairman of the Council of Inter-state Cooperation, President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas of Puntland invited his regional counterparts to attend the council’s third meeting in port town Kismaio.

Leaders from the country’s federal member states have converged on Kismayu to attend the conference hosted by Jubbaland state.  Participating heads of states include among others the presidents of the following states:  Hirshabelleh, Puntland, Galmudug and South Somalia.

The Council of Inter-State Cooperation which was formed last year in Kismayo has merged the leaders of the regional states.  The meeting concentrates on issues pertaining to strengthening the cooperation among regional states and the controversial issues concerning relations with the federal government.

Differences between the central government and the federal member states have reared their heads.    The leader of Galmudug state, Ahmed Dualleh Gelleh Haaf has accused the federal government of meddling with his state’s political stalemate and asked to keep off their internal affairs.

This meeting Kisamaio comes amid soaring relations between the federal government and some federal member states including Jubbaland, South Somalia and Galmudug states.

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