Man brutally Murdered After Surrendering to Kenyan Police

A former Mungiki sect member was found murdered and his body stashed in a sack just one month after he surrendered to the kenyan police.

John Githinji had first been reported missing on Sunday and his acid-burnt body was recovered on Thursday evening in Nyeri.

According to his wife Julia Wanjiku, when they found him, his body had wounds all over- a sign that he was tortured.

It is suspected that his former criminal associates could have been behind his brutal death.

In 2000, he, together with one Joseph Keng’ethe, were sentenced to six years in prison for robbery with violence.

Githinji was taken to the Central Regional DCI headquarters in October by Muslims for Human Rights Chairman Khelef Khalifa when the government started a fresh crackdown on Mukingi members.

“He had reformed after leaving prison in 2006 but due to the crackdown on the sect, he presented himself to police and was assured of his protection,” Khalifa stated.

He added, “It’s evident that no other Mungiki member will ever surrender to police. In a matter of a fact, the police are putting our lives in danger.”

At the time of his untimely demise, the deceased had one wife and three children.

Residents of Central Kenya have been living in fear after the dreaded Mungiki sect reportedly made a comeback.

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