Kenyan soldiers rape somali women in Beled Hawo

Beled Hawo, July 27, 2018 (Hornnews24) – It is reported that Kenyan soldiers in Beled Hawo town have committed sexual violence and mass rapes against Somali women on Thursday.

According to local people, Kenyan soldiers raped at least 5 women also inflicting on them serious injuries. A father whose daughter was raped by the Kenyan soldiers said that his daughter’s condition was worsening.  

The victims reported they were assaulted by Kenya security forces in uniform.  Each woman was gang-raped.  One of the raped girls said, “They hit me hard in the face with a gun, kicked me in my chest and laid me on the ground. Then I was raped by several soldiers”.

The victims were taken to hospital for treatment.  Some of them are in critical conditions.  It is believed that HIV-positive soldiers are among those who committed the mass rape.   The Somali community there was angered by the lack of response of Kenyan government although no demonstrations or protests were reported.

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