Kenyan says Ethiopian airspace is unsafe, a statement greeted with dismay by its neighbour

The Ethiopian civil aviation authority claims that Kenya is supporting a strike by its Addis air controllers.

The Kenya Air Traffic Controllers Association had said the Ethiopian airspace was unsafe due to the go-slow.   Addis says it will report Kenya to the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

They claimed the three-day strike, which ended yesterday, did not affect the safety of their airpspace as there were other competent controllers at work.

On August, 30, Katca CEO Peter Ang’awa said only retirees without up-to-date validation were at work in Addis. 

Ang’awa said that some flights originating from Addis Ababa were entering the Nairobi airspace at the wrong flight levels.

“Nairobi ACC (area control center) is now overwhelmed because they have to pass one estimate even more than five times to the Addis Ababa ‘controllers’ who are unable to copy correct estimates,” he said in a statement.

In a statement, the Ethiopian civil aviation yesterday said: “It is completely unacceptable and constitutes clear lack of basic ethics and professionalism for the Kenyan  Air Traffic Controllers Association to express solidarity with air traffic controllers in Ethiopia that were illegally on strike by making false and misleading statements.”

It said the statement by Katca boss was “false and baseless”.

“If the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority does not take the necessary action on the association as per its national laws, the Ethiopian civil aviation authority will take the issue to the concerned international body,” it said.

The Ethiopians said during the strike, the flights were being manned by professionals.


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