Kenyan man, who glues wife genitals, is on the run

A jealousy Kenyan man, who was identified as James Kifo, is said to have attacked his wife by inserting pepper, salt and onions in her private parts using a sharp knife, before applying superglue mixed with sand to ‘seal’ it up.

In an incident that has left residents of Kamatungu village in shock, Kifo, who has been described as troublesome, committed the crime while their three-year-old son watched.

It is the cries of the boy that alerted the neighbours about the gruesome attack on his mother that has seen the woman nursing serious injuries.  It was the son’s cries that attracted locals in the vicinity, who ran to the woman’s rescue, but the attacker vanished in the darkness.

In what reads like a scene from a horror movie, the suspect inexplicably escaped the blockade placed around the Nairobi Metropolitan Area to travel upcountry and he is still at large.

The suspect is said to have ordered the woman to name all the men she had slept with while he was in Nairobi.   

After sexually assaulting her, he also sealed her ears and mouth with the mixture of glue and sand and left her for dead.

Recounting the incident, a man only identified as Murimi claimed the suspect had told the woman’s parents he would kill her.

Though she sustained injuries after being abused, the police said she was treated and discharged yesterday morning.  The police said the couple had a history of violence.

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