Heavy fighting between Alshabaab and Galmudug claims 15 lives

Adado, July 4, 2018 (Hornnews24) – Heavy fighting which has broken out today between Al-Qaida-Linked Alshabab fighters and Galmudug regional forces claimed at least 15 lives.

The fighting erupted in Ad village 50 KM north of Harardhereh town of the Mudug region where at least 15 government soldiers were said to be killed.

According to the Ad village residents Galmudug forces were routed in disarray leaving behind the corpses of their killed soldiers.

Alshabaab confirmed that its forces slaughtered the commander of the Galmudug forces who attacked their base in Ad village today early in morning,

In another development Alshabab vowed to stop the construction of road linking Ethiopia to Hobyo seaport in Somalia after Ethiopia signed a deal with Somali to run four seaports in Somalia including Hobyo seaport.

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