Gunmen gun down a student in Mogadishu and loot his car

Mogadishu, June 30, 2018 ( – several men armed with pistols have killed a student last night in the Elasha Biyaha settlement at the suburb of the Somali capital, Mogadishu.

After killing Abdirashid Dahir Hassan the criminals looted the car of the victim and escaped from the scene of the crime.  No group has so far claimed responsibility of the murder and the killers are still at large.

Abdirashid Dahir Hassan was one of the students of Mogadishu University and his father was among those killed in a truck bomb explosion at Zope area in Mogadishu months ago where more than 500 civilians were killed.

Whenever such murder occurs, people naively point an accusing finger at the opposing sides who are the government soldiers and Alshabaab fighters. That gives an opportunity of innocence to a third group that secretly killed hundreds of people if not thousands.

According to some of the residents, the murder was apparently related to tribal vengeance as the tribes and sub-clans in Mogadishu still hold a grudge and rancour against each other.

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