Abdi Iley’s health situation deteriorates, Former Ethio-Somali state president

Addis Ababa, Sept. 11, 2018 (Hornnews24) – The health situation of the former Ethio-Somali state president, Abdi Iley, has been deteriorated after being tortured in prison cells, relatives say.

Abdi Iley’s mother Deeb Mahad Olow told universal TV that she visited her son in prison and witnessed several prison guards torturing her son severely with all kinds of punishment.

Deep Mahad Olow added that she and the other relatives who were with her shouted for help to try to stop the guards who were beating her son but in vain as all of them were thrown out of the prison building.

During Abdi Iley’s rule thousands of ethnic Somali civilians living uder his rule were either killed or experienced serious abuses. Mass detentions without any judicial oversight were routine. Hundreds-and possibly thousands-of individuals had been arrested and held in military barracks where they had been tortured, raped and assaulted.

Abdi Iley was a warlord hated by almost everyone.  He has recently confessed that he was a puppet for TPLF.  Abdi Iley is now in a prison. He has been replaced, Dr. Mustafe Muhumad Agjar, who is the legitimate current president of the Somali State.


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