Explosion kills 10 Ethiopian soldiers in Somalia

Gedo, July 23 (Hornnews24) – A huge explosion in Somalia’s Ghedo region has claimed the lives of more than 10 Ethiopian soldiers and wounded scores of others on tuesday, local sources say.

The Ethiopian soldiers, who were part of AMISOM Mission in Somalia, were carrying out a foot patrol between the town of Luk and Yurkut in South Somalia when they stepped on the mine.

The remote controlled mine had been laid down by Alqaida-linked group, known as Alshabaab. The Group has immediately claimed responsibility for the blast.

Neither the Somali government nor Ethiopian army commander has confirmed the death of the 10 Ethiopian soldiers.  The roads of the region are riddled with mines, which are the main weapons used by Alshabaab against foreign soldiers.

Similar explosions struck numerous times convoys of African Union force in Somalia. The group fights for flushing out foreign forces to oust the Somali government and impose Islamic Sharia law on the country.

Somalia has been in a state of chaos and lawlessness since the early 1990s, when dictator Mohammed Siad Barre was toppled by clan-based warlords.

The Somali government left no stone unturned struggling to defeat the Islamists with the support of African troops including Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Brundi and Djibouti as well as Western aid and frequent airstrikes on Islamist targets by the United States but in still in vain.

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