Ethiopia: more than 120 nails removed from a patient’s stomach

Doctors from a hospital in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa have removed 122 nails and other sharp objects from the stomach of a 33-year-old patient on Tuesday according to a medical report.

“The patient has been suffering from a mental illness for 10 years and stopped taking his medication two years ago,” Dawit Teare, a surgeon at St. Peter’s Hospital in Addis Ababa, told AFP. “This is a probable reason why he started consuming nails and other dangerous things.”

In addition to 122 nails 10 centimeters long, the doctors removed needles, a toothpick and several pieces of broken glass from the patient’s stomach.

“He is lucky that these sharp objects did not cut his stomach, which could have led to serious infections and even death,” said the surgeon, who had made before other similar operations.

He said that the patient is now well and has called his family to closely monitor his physical and mental health to prevent it from consuming again such objects.

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