Ethiopia says it investigates how an erased map of Somalia got published

May 29, 2019 – According to Borkena Newspaper, Ethiopia is seemingly treating publication of the map that shows Somalia as part of Ethiopia published by its foreign ministry as suspicious and has lauched an investigation into it.

Borkena has published on Wednesday that The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia had apologized for a map of Africa that is not showing Somalia. In a press conference, the spokesperson, Nebiyat Getachew, said: “We sincerely regret any confusion and misunderstanding this incident might have caused.”

Nebiyat added that the ministry has already waged an investigation into the matter and an appropriate measure will be taken when the cause of it is established.

The map was published on the ministry’s website on May 24 in connection with the celebration of African Day and was removed next day.

It showed Somalia as part of Ethiopia while showing Somaliland separately. The mistake is not just in connection with Somalia per se. Many people have seen the publication as an indication that Ethiopia’s secret agenda aimed at annexing Somalia.

The Ministry removed after a punch of Somali newspapers criticised the new map displayed by Ethiopian foreign ministry which they said the interpretation of what called the ill-intentioned Ethiopian hostile secret agenda.

The situation has angered many Somalis on social media and many have been sharing an image of the map on Twitter.

Although Ethiopia and Somalia fought a bloody war in the late 1970s following Ethiopia’s occupation of parts of Somalia’s territory, they have currently buried the hatchet and have been trying to boost the regional and bilateral ties.

Ethiopia still occupies parts of Somalia and there are Somali freedom fighters such Somalia’s Ogaden Liberation Front fighting for independence inside Ethiopia.

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