Deadly blast at a military base in the Somalia capital Mogadishu kills 24 soldiers

At least 24 soldiers have been killed and more than 30 others were wounded when a car bomb exploded at the army base in the Somali capital Mogadishu on Saturday, military and emergency services said.

Al-Qaida-linked group known as Alshabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack. Alshabaab’s spokesman, Abdiasis Abu Musab, stated: “We conducted a successful martyrdom operation on a major apostate military base in Mogadishu.”

The group has confirmed killing 24 soldiers and wounding 34 others. According to witnesses, two military vehicles were also destroyed by the explosion.

The blast sent shock waves through the city and a cloud of smoke overhead. Windows were blown out in buildings nearby. Witnesses said the vehicle passed by a checkpoint before a tremendous explosion erupted near the military camp.

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