Car bomb hits main checkpoint of the Somali presidential palace and parliament building

A powerful car deadly bomb that hit on Wednesday the main checkpoint of the Somali presidential palace and the building of parliament in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, has killed dozens of people and wounded scores of others.

The wounded were taken to hospitals, some of them in critical conditions. Alqaida-linked group Alshabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Vehicles were tossed into the air by the blast and huge plumes of black smoke were seen billowing into the sky above the city.

Details are still sketchy but initial reports reveal that several government officials were among those killed in the explosion.

The targeted checkpoint lies in a heavily fortified location and it is not known how Alshabaab manages to launch frequent attacks on such checkpoints.

The huge blast comes just days after the Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for a massive car bombing in Mogadishu on December 28 that killed 90 people and wounded more than 120.

The powerful group, Alshabaab, has recently launched chains of deadly attacks and car bombs against the Somali government and the foreign forces in the country.

Mogadishu, January 08, 2020

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