Building explosion in Austrian capital leaves 12 injured, one dead

VIENNA — a huge explosion that occurred at the heart of the Austrian capital, Vienna has killed at least one person and injured 12 others.

The suspected gas explosion blew a gaping hole in a building in central Vienna, according to police and images from the scene. The explosion occurred around 4:30 p.m.

The cause of the huge explosion remains mysterious. Police investigation is underway. According to medical reports, two of those wounded are in critical situation. It is feared that people are still under the rabble.   Several persons were reported missing.

Videos and pictures of the scene posted online showed a huge hole in the front of a building and a debris-covered street. Several men could be seen carrying a person away from the blast site.

Police had earlier said four people were seriously injured but katest reports reveal one person dead and 12 injured. Officers cordoned off streets around the scene of the incident as they searched for further victims.

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